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McDonald's Singapore launched some new items on the menu to welcome the World Cup season on Nov. 24.

The menu includes the Smoky BBQ Chicken burger, Hawaiian Grilled Chicken burger, and Potato Pops.

New menu

Although I'm not an avid football fan, I'll admit that I'm a sucker for anything related to McDonald's.

So when I heard about its new menu, I scurried to the nearest McDonald's outlet for a feast work, obviously.

Disclaimer: Before you continue reading, please note that I'm not a professional food blogger.

This is just a review from someone who eats an unhealthy amount of McDonald's.

Smoky BBQ Chicken Burger

Right off the bat, the Smoky BBQ Chicken Burger (from S$9.90 for a meal) looks like an absolute stunner.

The burger consists of a chicken ham patty coated with crispy batter, bacon, and cheese topped with a chipotle BBQ sauce.

And then it's sandwiched between two fancy-looking dark malt buns.

After taking a bite, I can say that it lives up to its name. It is smoky and tastes like BBQ.

Although the chipotle BBQ sauce was slathered all over the patty, it was not as jelak as I expected it to be.

However, the dark malt buns were disappointing.

If I close my eyes, it tastes like wholemeal bread that I can buy from the supermarket.

The burger tastes ok but was it excellent? Nope.

Is it worth my hard-earned S$9.90? Probably not.

Verdict: 3/5. Like the World Cup, good to try once every four years.

Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger

Here's a controversial take: Pineapple goes well with savoury food. Fight me.

So it's no surprise that I enjoyed the Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger (from S$9.90 for a meal) more than the other burger.

Besides pineapple, the burger has a spicy mayonnaise-topped grilled chicken patty, a slice of chicken ham.

The spicy mayonnaise sauce (which wasn't "need a glass of water after every bite" spicy) and grilled pineapple went surprisingly well together.

I also appreciate how generous they were with the tender grilled chicken and ham.

While I thought the buns were a slight improvement from the Smoky BBQ Burger, it was still meh.

Verdict: 3.5/5. Better but not the most memorable, like the Tunisia vs Denmark match.

Potato Pops

I had high expectations of the Potato Pops (from S$4.20), and that's my fault.

While it wasn't necessarily bad, it was pretty underwhelming.

The Potato Pops were described as "seasoned with a mix of herbs and spice" but I tasted none whatsoever.

It was especially disappointing that it was soggy, even when it was warm.

The Potato Pops only saving grace is that it's not as oily as I thought it'd be.

Still, I'd advise skipping this to save your stomach for other items on the menu.

Verdict: 2/5. A surprising upset, like the Argentina vs Saudi Arabia game.

Brownie McFlurry

As a diehard Oreo McFlurry fan, the Brownie McFlurry (from S$3.50) is the main highlight of the new menu.

After having a spoonful of this, I can safely say that this has surpassed my expectations.

It's not too sweet was pleasantly surprised that the brownie bites remained consistently crunchy even after mixing it around with the vanilla soft serve.

My only complaint is that the chocolate sauce got too jelak after four to five bites.

Verdict: 4/5. Like the France vs Australia match, this was an expected win.

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Top images via Russell Ang.

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